Occupy Museums

A collective of artist/activists challenging the Cultural Industrial Complex that commodifies and financializes art and culture.

More at: http://occupymuseums.org

Actions and interventions:
Debtfair, 2013-Present

Artists Speak Out, a chronicle of artist statements from #J20. Printed Matter Press: New York. forthcoming 2017 (publication)

"Counter-Commencement Debtors' Ceremony", Whitney Museum of Art, 2017 (action)

"Eroding Plazas and Accumulating Resistance", Agitprop (nominated for 2nd wave by the Guerrilla Girls), Brooklyn Museum, 2015 (project)

"Inauguration of the Fracked Gas Line Museum", Whitney Museum of Art, 2015 (action)

"Global Ultra Luxury Faction (GULF)" with Gulf Labor, Guggenheim Museum, 2014 (action)

"Ritual Rebranding of the David H. Koch Plaza", Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2014 (action)

"Winter Holiday Camp", Center for Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, PL, 2013 (project / action)

"7 Billion Bloombergs", Momenta Art, 2012 (project)


All images and texts on this site are the creations of Imani Jacqueline Brown, unless otherwise noted, e.g. photodocumentation of works or collaborative projects.